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Benefits and Features of Boat Detailing

By on Aug 7, 2014 in Mobile Detailing | 0 comments

Owning a boat is definitely a status symbol for many consumers across the globe as it is quite an expensive item to maintain. Launching the boat into the deep blue sea for a breezy ride is exhilarating and impressive but how does one keep the boat clean wherever it goes? The Detail Squad provides both boat detailing and auto detailing service.


Boat Detailing Corona, CA


The upkeep of a boat is a mammoth task for most boat owners as periodic cleaning is necessary to maintain its beauty and functionality. Most owners enjoy the functions of the boat, but not on its cleaning and maintenance. Boats made from fiberglass cause a thin layer of grime and dust formed on the surface over time caused by oxidation and UV rays. The boat quickly loses its luster and beauty without proper maintenance or boat detailing.

Part of the special maintenance services which a boat requires is waxing; this can prevent oxidation that mars the beauty of the boat. Boat detailing services execute an excellent waxing routine to keep the boat surface glossy and shiny like original. It also can enhance fuel efficiency. Boat detailing services can be quite innovative with its mobile option. A mobile boat detailing service maintains the boat’s beauty wherever it is ported. The professional boat detailers provide the best carnauba or wax and apply the best waxing techniques to bring out the shine on the boat.


Waxing a boat regardless of its size is not an easy job. High grade wax such as Brazil wax or carnauba wax is preferred as it is organic and effective. Hence, it is an eco-friendly detailing solution that does not leave a big carbon footprint on the environment. Most professional mobile boat detailing service providers would use such products to ensure a satisfactory job executed.

It is also necessary to apply vinegar solution in boat detailing services to remove hard water spots. These are usually found on the bottom and sides of boats caused by minerals and lime deposits when the boat sits in the water over a long period of time. Waxing is only possible when these spots are removed.


Mobile boat detailers would also use a detailing towel or sponge to apply the wax. An electric buffer can be used for faster results as long as the buffing pressure does not damage the gel coat of the boat. The proper waxing technique is required to ensure a great wax job without cloudy spots. Metal polish is to be applied on metallic or stainless steel components of the boat for a proper finish.

All boat owners should consider the professional services of boat detailing on a regular basis to maintain the beauty and functionality of their boat. Mobile boat detailing services are available at various ports to ensure that the boat is always looking great and functioning well. Boat waxing is highly recommended at every six months if the boat is frequently used in sea water. Eco-friendly professional detailing services are readily available in the market with a specialization in boats or yachts.

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