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3 Car Detailing Tips for Maintaining Car Appearance

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Taking care of the appearance of your car is part of being a good car owner. Of course, you can take the vehicle to a professional detailer, but that won’t be the cheapest option. The cheapest option will involve getting your hands dirty.  If you are someone who has a DIY approach towards car detailing, then read on for some useful tips. Use acid free tire cleaners: Many car detailers may disagree with this, but the reality is that tire cleaners that are acid-based cause harm to your alloy wheels and cause them to get oxidized. Acid can...

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4 Tips for Maintaining the Shine of Your Car

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If you really love your car, then you should make sure that it’s always shining, not just the exterior but also the interior. For that, you may have the choice of hiring a professional auto detailer for $100 or more. If that isn’t affordable for you, then here are some secrets for detailing your car all by yourself. The Two Bucket Method: It’s advisable to use two buckets while washing the exterior of your car. One bucket may contain the clean water (used for cleaning the dirty cloth), and the other should be filled with clean soapy water....

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How to use a waterless wash

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How to use a waterless wash

A waterless wash product is a great way to clean your car between waxes or details. It’s a premixed spray that is used to wipe the dirt and the grime from your vehicle and is an effective way to keep your car looking shiny. There are different types of waterless wash solutions. For example there are some that include a wax in it which can offer added protection to your vehicles surface. When using a waterless wash product, it’s important to choose the towels you will use with it carefully. Ideally you want a very soft towel which...

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Our latest news!

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Keeping your car in good shape requires not only that you take care of the inner workings, but the physical appearance as well. Regular auto detailing keeps the paint looking pristine and maintains the aesthetic value of your vehicle over the long term. The Detail Squad offers various packages for mobile auto detailing to fit any car regardless of size or shape. Based out of Eastvale CA, the detail squad offers a wide variety of services including : Auto detailing Truck Detailing SUV Detailing Boat Detailing Motorhome Detailing RV Detailing...

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Auto Detailing

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Auto Detailing Corona, CA Professional auto detailing services are great for car owners who have no time to upkeep their car inside out in today’s busy lifestyle. Many car owners are busy consumers with a heavy work and family commitment with hardly any spare time to wash their vehicles regularly. The constant high pollution index in today’s environment makes it challenging for car owners to keep their vehicles clean all the time. The harsh weather conditions are also not helping car owners to maintain the beauty of their cars. This is where...

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Mobile Auto Detailing

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Auto Detailing Service Corona, CA In today’s modern world where good transportation has become a necessity in most places, more and more consumers are getting a car to cater to the personal needs at their convenience. However, there is always a need to maintain the vehicle in good working condition for safety on the road. Regular checkups on automobiles plying the roads are crucial to sustain their functionality and value. Simple checks such as oil level and tire pressure can be made personally by car owners, but more complex maintenance...

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Mobile Car Detailing

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Mobile Car Detailing Corona, CA Car owners who take pride in their automobiles, especially luxury vehicles, would consider special servicing works such as mobile car detailing. This would refer to the maintenance of the whole car inside out and underneath the hood and around the rims besides the engine and the tire pressure. A car tends to suffer from exterior deterioration as owners are too busy to wash it regularly, although the car exterior is the portion that gets viewed immediately with a high susceptibility to dirt and damage. The...

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SUV and Truck Detailing

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Owning an SUV is great for a large family of 4 to 8 persons. It is also a great vehicle choice when a small group is to be ferried around. Businesses that offer delivery services would need trucks and vans to establish themselves in the industry. These bigger vehicles need to be maintained properly through special upkeep services such as SUV detailing or truck detailing. Suv Detailing Corona, CA Most SUV or truck owners would not fail to maintain their vehicle’s engine and functionality that keeps the vehicle safe on the road, but many fail...

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RV and Motorhome Detailing

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Having a motorhome or RV is great to explore the vast outdoors and natural beauty in a country. A lot of Europeans and Americans own a motorhome or RV to travel around the country especially during summer. But it is also important to maintain the motorhome or RV to keep it functioning for a long time. Motorhome detailing or RV detailing is necessary, if not essential, to maintain its peak performance and lifespan. Motorhome Detailing Corona, CA Motorhome detailing is a necessary service to ensure its safety and beauty is maintained for its...

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Benefits and Features of Boat Detailing

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Owning a boat is definitely a status symbol for many consumers across the globe as it is quite an expensive item to maintain. Launching the boat into the deep blue sea for a breezy ride is exhilarating and impressive but how does one keep the boat clean wherever it goes? The Detail Squad provides both boat detailing and auto detailing service.   Boat Detailing Corona, CA   The upkeep of a boat is a mammoth task for most boat owners as periodic cleaning is necessary to maintain its beauty and functionality. Most owners enjoy the...

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